Our Vision

Saint Joseph Parenting Center’s vision is that all children live in a world free of child abuse and neglect.

Our Mission

With that vision in mind, our mission is to strengthen families that are at risk of child abuse and neglect, by providing parenting education and support.

Our Values

We equip parents with the education, tools and resources to change unhealthy parenting patterns and to foster healthy ones in an effort to decrease the incidence of child abuse and neglect. 

We do so with these values in mind: 

We love people first, believe all individuals deserve respect and are focused on the child. We believe empowerment is the key to our parents’ success and everyone needs a family. We listen and then respond and strive for excellence.

Your donations support the mission of SJPC, working in the local community in CT to prevent child abuse and to educate parents . This education helps parent to recognize and handle frustrations, family history, improve communication and to ask for help when needed.

Show your care

Volunteers are a critical part of the SJPC community bringing their time, experience and energy to our parenting programs and community and fund-raising events.